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Nine Hotspots Found in Inhil
Kamis, 19/01/2012 - 20:37:58 WIB
Riau Province has hotspots most often compared to other provinces.

TEMBILAHAN-The number of hotspots that are found in some area in the District of Indragiri Hilir, Riau continue to rise up to 9 hotspots. Although the increase was not significant when compared to the monitoring of NOAA 18 satellite on Sunday (15/1) which is found only 7 hotspots.

Head of the Environment Agency (BLH), T Eddy Efrizal when confirmed on Thursday (19/1) explained that for 9 hotspots are included 1 point in the District of Kateman precisely in the village of Simpang Kateman, then in the District of Tempuling there are 2 hotspots, located in Village of Salak River and Village of Mumpa.

''Another hotspots were found in the District of Gaung as much as 3 points occurred in the Village of  Simpang Gaung and the village of Jerambang. Then in the District of Batang Tuaka and Tembilahan and District of Kuindra each of them has 1 hotspot, which was monitored in Village of Kuala Sebatu, Village of Teluk Dalam Bay Village and Village of Pulau Palas,''he said.

Related to these problems, he admitted that his side by the team has been formed had review the field and working with several companies, and assisted by the local people to put out the fire at the point where the hotspot occurred. (Zulf)

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